2018 recap

As the year draws to a close I’ve been thinking of all the things we need to update everyone on. The Charlie Girl Foundation had its successful second year. We haven’t shared all of what has gone on this year and for that we apologize. We will try to make this blog comprehensive but not extensive. 

In January 2018 we chose two sweet families to sponsor this year. The Vikre’s and the Hillestad’s. Both families had little boys born with heart defects and both sweet boys Vidar and Clark had older brothers. We were able to provide $500.00 per month to each family throughout the year and just last week we were able to send them Christmas packages. 

Next week, we will be providing $3,000.00 to both area hospitals: the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and Childrens’ Heart Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota to continue the research to help eradicate congenital heart defects and find effective treatments for the children affected by them. 

Our second annual benefit was held on September 20th at The Historic John P Furber Farm. We anticipated the second year would be easier since we had done this once before, but it was still a long labor of love by the Charlie Girl Board. Thankfully you all came out to support this amazing cause. We had nearly 200 people attend. The night included a silent auction with over 100 items, including trips to Ireland, and Sonoma! We had a wine raffle, played the heads and tails game and were able to enjoy live music by Charlie Parr while eating amazing desserts. The night was filled with generous individuals dedicated to not only carrying on Charlie’s legacy but ensuring little ones like her would have better outcomes and more care by the community that surrounds them. The evening brought in $26,910.00 in total. 

Throughout the year we continue to be amazed by the little and large donations that regularly come in. We have also received $3,315.00 in donations. The auction along with the yearly donations have allowed us again to choose two families to sponsor in 2019. We have a few applications in hand already and are waiting for a few more to come in before making our selection for next years families. 

This year we added Laura Brown to the Charlie Girl Board which brings us to 8 members. Laura is a friend of Kelly’s that she met at camp in high school, they both attended Northwestern College now the University of Northwestern St. Paul and were roommates there. Laura is a printmaker and an amazing asset to the board. She thankfully has taken over Instagram and is adding her amazing skills to many areas of the board. 

Kelly, Ryan and Lindsey Ransom (another board member) were interviewed this fall for the TODAY magazine and an article will soon be printed about the journey to initiate the Charlie Girl Foundation. In the coming year, Kelly Will also be featured in a podcast. 

Kelly also was asked by Dr. Naomi Goloff (one of Charlie’s former doctors) to start working with the University of Minnesota Masonic Childrens Hospital as a parent educator for a role that is “Using Standardized Patient Simulations to Improve Primary Palliative Care Skills of Pediatric Fellows During End-Of-Life-Situations”. The role just had it’s forth iteration and the goal is to start creating booster sessions to allow more learning for the fellows. The role is new but inspirational and well received by the many individuals and conferences that are reviewing the results. It’s another way that we are able to see the legacy that Charlie’s life and death have carried on to so many more people than have met her. 

It’s been a long and eventful year for the Charlie Girl Foundation, we are working through the growing pains of a new foundation and hope to be more effective in our communication in the years to come and to offer many more ways for those in our community to come alongside the children and families affected by congenital heart defects. 

We appreciate all of your generous support this past year. We welcome any suggestions to grow the reach of the foundation. If you attend the benefit and have any ideas on what worked well or might work better, we welcome that too. As the year ends many people like to give financially towards things they believe in, please feel free to give to the Charlie Girl Foundation and know your finances will be used to financially support children and families with congenital heart defects.  

Kelly McManimon & Ryan McManimon, Andrea George, Megan Worsham, Lindsey Ransom, Melissa Johnson, Anna Schmidt, Tim Worsham, and Laura Brown