Save the Date!

We have introduced you to 5 of our board members and still have more to share…but it’s time to take a break and share some exciting news!

We are ready to have our first event this fall. While we are steadily raising money for the foundation now, a big event will help ensure we are able to support more children and families dealing with heart defects and we can’t wait for you to be part of it.

Make sure to save September 21st on your calendars. We will be hosting the first annual Charlie Girl Benefit! It will include dinner, live music and a silent auction. As the date gets closer we will continue to share with you additional details about the benefit. Keep an eye on our Event page for details.

While we plan and prepare for the benefit we can still use your help in several ways…

  • Continue to check in and read the blogs, share them on Facebook, spread the word about the foundation so we can reach more people willing to support these children and families dear to our hearts.
  • There is never too many donations, if you are inclined to donate in order to help us get this event up and running we will not turn you away. I’m going to steal an idea some friends of mine used earlier this year raising money for their daughters Juvenile Arthritis walk, they requested that people donate $11 for her 11th birthday. Likewise, consider donating $6 for Charlotte’s 6th birthday, it’s this coming Wednesday, and we would love to see her birthday cause a flurry of donations that will help children just like her.
  •  We are well on our way to getting this event up and running, but there are never too many cooks in the kitchen…especially mine….just ask my family, that is one area I can always use more help in. If you are willing to help us gain partnerships with local companies or collect more items for the silent auction, or just have ideas that you think would help us out we would love to hear about it. You can send us a message by clicking on our contact tab, or find us on Facebook and message us there.

Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to follow and support A Charlie Girl Foundation. We could not do this without you, and if you are in the Columbia Heights area this Saturday, I hope to see you at Community Grounds for Bang-O!


222870_10150571207400244_3232627_n Mama and Charlie Girl on her second day in the world

Meet the board….Part 5!

For years as a child I wished for a sister. When my mom was pregnant with my younger brother Josh I would kiss her stomach at night and pray for a sister…I was less than impressed with a younger brother (Love you, Joshy). After growing up with 3 brothers I have now through marriages been blessed with sister in laws!

Megan my brother Josh’s wife is a kindred spirit, we get a long great and we have the same taste in important things like nail polish and bags 🙂 She is a welcome addition to the family and has been on board with helping out with the foundation. I could not be more thankful! She has a lot of experience with non-profits and a she is so geniunine in her desire to help and support others. Please meet one of my sisters….Megan!

My name is Megan Worsham and I’ve hit the jackpot of in-laws. I married Kelly’s younger brother, Josh, and am proud to now call her my sister. When I started dating Josh, I not only fell in love with him, but also his family. I instantly clicked with Kelly and found myself inspired by her as I learned more about Charlie Girl’s story. I was in awe at how this incredible woman handled herself with such positivity and poise after going through what I can only fathom as being the most stressful, scary, and toughest scenarios a mother could ever endure. 

When Kelly approached me about her starting the Charlie Girl Foundation and wanting me to serve on the board, I couldn’t have felt more honored. I started working in the nonprofit world in college at Make-A-Wish Wisconsin as a Special Events Intern. Once the internship ended, I stayed involved with the organization volunteering as a Wish Granter and also went on to volunteer with the American Red Cross Association and the Milwaukee Center for Independence. After college, I started a full time job with the American Society for Quality. Though my current job lands me in marketing at a for-profit company, I’ve always tried to make space for non-profit work in my life. I’ve worked and volunteered with some wonderful organizations, all working towards the common goal to make a difference in one capacity or another. However, none of them really hit too close to home for me or connected with my personal experiences — until now.

Although I never got the opportunity to meet precious little Charlotte, I feel connected to her through the memories of her family, my new family. I hear the sweet stories told at holidays, I see the precious photos on the walls, and I feel the love, joy, and hope she leaves behind in her legacy. Being a part of this organization, I know we can continue her fight and bring the same light she carries in her soul to other deserving families.



Thanks for checking in! Don’t forget about Bang-O at Community Grounds on Saturday 1-2:30, proceeds go to A Charlie Girl Foundation.

Columbia Heights’ COMMUNITY Coffee Shop!


Meet the board…part 4!

It’s time to meet another member of the board and this time it’s family. Throughout my life and especially throughout Charlotte’s my family was incredibly supportive and present, as was Ryan’s. We could not be more grateful. 

I have three brothers: Tim, Josh and Daniel. I fall in line right after Tim. Though he is the oldest we joke in our family that really I’m the oldest, I was just born second. When we were young we did not always get along…imagine that.  I’m sure in part that was due to him not taking kindly to his younger sister bossing him around. Now, however, he has willing agreed to work with me on the board for the foundation so I get to keep doing it 😉 Truly, we all get along great and it’s incredibly helpful to have him on the board to help raise awareness and money for children with congenital heart defects….meet Tim.


I’m one of Charlie-girl’s uncles. I never got to hold her. I visited several times during her brief stay, but each trip coincided with a major surgery or sudden scare. The same plastic tendrils of modern medicine which kept her alive, also kept her rooted to the hospital bed. I found ways to say hello, by brushing her rosy cheeks with a finger, or tickling her toes. Her smile, though often troubled by tubes, was radiant. Despite the restrictions, and the brevity of her sojourn, she was a light, and continues to be, in our family, with our friends, and in the community. Charlotte and her family were surrounded from day one by prayerful support from friends, strangers, and medical staff. The outpouring of love and encouragement was tidal and powerful. When Charlotte fought back from a fever, infection, or difficult surgery, so many braced and fought alongside her. When she suffered, so many shared in her pain. The burden of finance, the burden of a mind filled with medical jargon, a mind constantly alert and fearful, the burden of living day in and day out in a hospital; all of these were an incalculable weight on Kelly and Ryan, but all of these were at times alleviated by the unwavering support of those touched by Charlie-girl’s light. I joined the Charlie-girl Foundation, because I love Charlotte, and I love my sister, but I joined as well, because I saw the tremendous impact her life had, and I saw how powerful and beautiful a community of support can be in times of catastrophic need. I want to be a part of that kind of heart community again and again. Supporting a family through the Charlie-girl Foundation is a wonderful place to start. I said goodbye to Charlotte, in the same way I used to say hello: by touching her foot. Her funeral was a wild melding of heartache and joy. I had to say goodbye too soon, but I felt the joy of seeing all of the faces of those who surrounded her along the way, and I felt the joy of knowing that I would see her again, and finally hold her. Her story wasn’t finished, her light hasn’t dimmed, and now through Charlie-girl Foundation, many more will feel its glow.



  • Don’t forget to check out Common Grounds Coffee, in Columbia Heights this Saturday for Bingo 1:00 – 2:30

April’s Special Partnership

It’s been a busy month for blog posts, and we are posting a little early for April, but with good reason. This month we have had a lot of news to share and April will be more of the same. We will continue to update you with more board members. We are also going to share with you our April partnership and some big news for the fall, so keep checking in and following what’s new with us. We appreciate it!

Our April partnership is with Common Grounds a coffee shop in Columbia Heights. Nick a friend of mine and former social work supervisor is part of a team that started this amazing coffee shop. With my connection to Nick, and with Ryan my husband helping to build it coupled with the coffee shop’s mission to be invested in it’s community….this coffee shop stands out to us, and holds a special place in our hearts! We hope you check it out and see what we do! Meet Common Grounds and learn how they are helping partner with A Charlie Girl Foundation….

We are Community Grounds!  While we are an independent coffee shop, we absolutely value COMMUNITY.  We understand that community can be the difference between loneliness/isolation and friendship/support.  This is why we are excited to partner with Charlie Girl Foundation and their work in the area of supporting families and children with congenital heart defects.  Their mission is our mission and supporting them is an easy decision!
Community Grounds will be celebrating 1 year of business this summer.  Two summers ago, Ryan McManimon graciously gave us several hours of his time on behalf of M Square Construction, with no promise of work.  Eventually we did hire his company to remodel our space into what it is today, they did an amazing job for us and continue to be friends of Community Grounds!  It is a joy for us to partner with his family in their work!
During the month of April, Community Grounds will be hosting weekly Intergenerational BINGO events.  Every Saturday 1:00-2:30 during the month of April, 10-12 seniors and 10-12 kids will gather in our kids space and play BINGO, winners will get a free small beverage from our menu.  The cost to play will be $5 and all those funds will go to Charlie Girl.  If you can’t make that event but would still like to stop by and see the coffee shop built by M Square, feel free, we will have an opportunity for cash donations to Charlie Girl available throughout the month.
Community Grounds can be found online at  You can also search for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.