Wonderful Surprises!

Starting this foundation has been a journey—a long and difficult journey some days, but one also filled with wonderful surprises. It began as a helpful path through the grief, but it has also been a way to witness the generous support and love of those around us.

This is not new to us, but it is always beautiful to be reminded that there are so many good, good people in this world. While we were in the hospital with Charlotte we had friends and family who cared daily for our daughter Elliott, who was a baby as well. We had meals delivered multiple times per week. Gift cards, magazines, CD’s, cards, and flowers were sent over and over to let us know that we were supported and not forgotten. It was truly amazing to have such a team behind us. We felt extremely blessed.

This is what we hope, for the families we will be supporting. As a medical social worker, I see daily that this level of care and support is rarely the case for other people. While I work, I see people in moments of crisis, dealing with the health and mortality of themselves or a loved one and some of them have next to no support. Our hope and mission is to make kids and families dealing with congenital heart defects feel what we felt: a loving and supportive community.

We need funds in order to support these children and families. Our plan is to have a yearly event, which will include a silent auction, however, the reality of holding a fundraiser is that it costs money to throw such an event. We are still in the stage of raising initial support to fully launch this foundation on good solid footing.

While we have worked towards this endeavor we have been trying to come up with ways for individuals to support us in fun and creative ways. Our first goal was to launch our products on this website, which we have been able to do and if you have not checked them out please do – there are two products at this time a Charlie Girl T-shirt and a key chain by Leather Works MN. You can locate them by clicking on the support tab and then the shop tap.

Elliott our daughter also wanted to do her part in raising some money for her sister’s foundation. She came up with the idea of raffling off some baskets at her daycare. She wanted to create an art basket, a book basket and a slumber party/movie basket, and she wrote a letter to some of her friends asking to help us create the baskets with donated items. We approached her daycare – New Horizon’s with this idea and to our surprise they ran it all the way up to corporate. Shortly after, they came back with word from corporate that they thought this was a great idea and would have baskets ready for us to raffle off. We were beyond surprised – they made the baskets for us, full of amazing goodies and they look adorable to boot! These are the moments that you see the truly good and generous hearts of others in moments of need. This support will help us raise more money and support for families like us, dealing with the precarious balance of life in and out of a hospital caring for their sick child. Anything we can do to support families in these moments is truly amazing, and seeing the support of New Horizon’s and those of you that have already been supporting us through the years is inspirational!

Take a peek at these beautiful baskets and if so inclined please buy a raffle ticket…or better yet buy lots and lots of raffle tickets! Support the heart families in need and possibly win a basket too! This too can be found by clicking above the support tab and then select shop. When you purchase a ticket, Elliott will write your name on a raffle ticket and put it in a jar, on September 19th we will draw three winners and announce them here.

FYI – we will not be able to ship these baskets out of state but we can deliver locally. (If you’d like to volunteer to help deliver, that can be arranged as well.) If you still would like to support this endeavor and live out of state, consider buying raffle tickets anyhow and if you win, we will gladly donate your winning basket to a child at the hospital, or check out our t-shirts and key chains still up for sale these can be shipped anywhere!

Thanks for coming back to visit the site and supporting this wonderful cause. We appreciate it.

Sincerely, Kelly and the Charlie Girl team

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