Winner, Winner, Winner!

Tonight is the end of Elliott’s fundraiser. For the past month she has been selling raffle tickets to raise money for her sister’s foundation. Though at moments when selling the tickets she became shy and bashful she was and is very proud of this fundraiser.

Elliott, with the help of mom and dad and two very dear friends, drew the names of our winners tonight. Before we tell you how much was raised and who the winners are we want to tell you how incredibly grateful we are for your support.  We are so proud of Elliott’s heart in raising money, but to have all of you support that idea makes my heart burst with joy.

Now on to the winners:

For the art basket the winner is Michele Smith! 

For the book basket the winner is Kati Koch!

For the game basket the winner is Connie Buhl!

And the grand total of money raised for the raffle: $221.00!! 

Thank you so much for your generous donations and support!