Save the Date!

We have introduced you to 5 of our board members and still have more to share…but it’s time to take a break and share some exciting news!

We are ready to have our first event this fall. While we are steadily raising money for the foundation now, a big event will help ensure we are able to support more children and families dealing with heart defects and we can’t wait for you to be part of it.

Make sure to save September 21st on your calendars. We will be hosting the first annual Charlie Girl Benefit! It will include dinner, live music and a silent auction. As the date gets closer we will continue to share with you additional details about the benefit. Keep an eye on our Event page for details.

While we plan and prepare for the benefit we can still use your help in several ways…

  • Continue to check in and read the blogs, share them on Facebook, spread the word about the foundation so we can reach more people willing to support these children and families dear to our hearts.
  • There is never too many donations, if you are inclined to donate in order to help us get this event up and running we will not turn you away. I’m going to steal an idea some friends of mine used earlier this year raising money for their daughters Juvenile Arthritis walk, they requested that people donate $11 for her 11th birthday. Likewise, consider donating $6 for Charlotte’s 6th birthday, it’s this coming Wednesday, and we would love to see her birthday cause a flurry of donations that will help children just like her.
  •  We are well on our way to getting this event up and running, but there are never too many cooks in the kitchen…especially mine….just ask my family, that is one area I can always use more help in. If you are willing to help us gain partnerships with local companies or collect more items for the silent auction, or just have ideas that you think would help us out we would love to hear about it. You can send us a message by clicking on our contact tab, or find us on Facebook and message us there.

Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to follow and support A Charlie Girl Foundation. We could not do this without you, and if you are in the Columbia Heights area this Saturday, I hope to see you at Community Grounds for Bang-O!


222870_10150571207400244_3232627_n Mama and Charlie Girl on her second day in the world