Meet the board….Part 5!

For years as a child I wished for a sister. When my mom was pregnant with my younger brother Josh I would kiss her stomach at night and pray for a sister…I was less than impressed with a younger brother (Love you, Joshy). After growing up with 3 brothers I have now through marriages been blessed with sister in laws!

Megan my brother Josh’s wife is a kindred spirit, we get a long great and we have the same taste in important things like nail polish and bags 🙂 She is a welcome addition to the family and has been on board with helping out with the foundation. I could not be more thankful! She has a lot of experience with non-profits and a she is so geniunine in her desire to help and support others. Please meet one of my sisters….Megan!

My name is Megan Worsham and I’ve hit the jackpot of in-laws. I married Kelly’s younger brother, Josh, and am proud to now call her my sister. When I started dating Josh, I not only fell in love with him, but also his family. I instantly clicked with Kelly and found myself inspired by her as I learned more about Charlie Girl’s story. I was in awe at how this incredible woman handled herself with such positivity and poise after going through what I can only fathom as being the most stressful, scary, and toughest scenarios a mother could ever endure. 

When Kelly approached me about her starting the Charlie Girl Foundation and wanting me to serve on the board, I couldn’t have felt more honored. I started working in the nonprofit world in college at Make-A-Wish Wisconsin as a Special Events Intern. Once the internship ended, I stayed involved with the organization volunteering as a Wish Granter and also went on to volunteer with the American Red Cross Association and the Milwaukee Center for Independence. After college, I started a full time job with the American Society for Quality. Though my current job lands me in marketing at a for-profit company, I’ve always tried to make space for non-profit work in my life. I’ve worked and volunteered with some wonderful organizations, all working towards the common goal to make a difference in one capacity or another. However, none of them really hit too close to home for me or connected with my personal experiences — until now.

Although I never got the opportunity to meet precious little Charlotte, I feel connected to her through the memories of her family, my new family. I hear the sweet stories told at holidays, I see the precious photos on the walls, and I feel the love, joy, and hope she leaves behind in her legacy. Being a part of this organization, I know we can continue her fight and bring the same light she carries in her soul to other deserving families.



Thanks for checking in! Don’t forget about Bang-O at Community Grounds on Saturday 1-2:30, proceeds go to A Charlie Girl Foundation.

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